Biden administration hi an phakar kual khawp kan tih tawh kha , China be tha el ran chung in India them thiam tak in an be bawk . June thla hian PM Modi a President Biden khual tha ah a thleng dawn , hemi hma hian The White House chuan Indian fighter jets tan General Electric (GE) F-414 jet ,Tejas MK-II fighter jet atan siam chhuah na run pui neih an rem ti.

The White House in India Prime Minister Modi’s an tum lawk sa ang in Biden Administration 22 June 2023, ah tlawh in state dinner buatsaih sak ani ang tih an puang lawk. India leh US ten New Delhi leh Washington ah “inaugural session of ‘Strategic Trade Dialogue’ on 4 and 5 June” annei dawn.

Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra & US Under-Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez te an in be hmasa ang. US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo in India 10 March ah a tlawh ang ,Arms Regulations (ITAR) & Export Administration Regulations (EAR) ah thawh hona ziah tura duan niin.

US companies & India companies te high-tech military equipment – engines, munitions & drones te siamna ah thawk ho chhunzawm ang. America hian India in ralthuam lama Russia a dawr nasa hi pawh pen nasat an tum hle ani , hma an la sauh sauh mai

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