SAC nih biaceih bawizik(Chief Justice), tangka cazin lei chektu luzik(Auditor General), eihmuar dohnak ah Chairman(Anti-CorruptionCommission), nuhrin covo lei tawlreltu (Human Rights Commission Chairman), Ministers 4 le SAC chungtel 3 cu an rian in kan dinhter hna i pakhat cu a rian kan ṭhial, tiah August 2 ah SAC nih an thanh.

SAC chungtel Maung Ko le Dr. Aung Kyaw Min cu chungtel sinak in an chuah hna i Dr. Kyaw Htun belte cu SAC Central ruahnak petu rian ah an ṭhial, tiah theih a si.

Biaceih bawizik Htun Htun Oo, biaknak lei Minister Ko Ko(Religious Affairs), Electricity minister Thaung Han, tangka cazin chektu luzik Tin Oo, eihmuar dohnak Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Htey Aung, Human Rights Commission Chairman Hla Myint, Minister of Energy Myo Myint Oo, Minister of Labor Dr. Pywint San hna cu an rian in SAC nih an dinhter hna, tiah theih a si. The Chin Post

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