President Trump Nih “$740.5 Billion Defense Policy Bill” Ah Veto Power A Hmanmi Cu, Republican Lila Nih An Thah Piak Colh

Trump signs pandemic aid and spending bill, averting government shutdown |  World News,The Indian Express

Ni 23 te lawng US President a ttuan ding a si cangmi, President Trump nih “$740.5 billion defense policy bill” ah veto power a hmanmi cu, Republican lila nih nihin ah an thah piak.

Unemployment aid set to lapse Saturday as Trump's plans for relief bill  remain unclear, World News |

TRUMP nih defense policy bill a cohlang lonak a ruangbik a langhtermi cu, “section 230 appeal” an telh lo caah a si. Section 230 cu, Facebook, Google and Twitter pawl rengh /reh khawh ding in section 230 phung (Acts) zoh tthan hi a si.

Asinain Trump nih veto power hmang in a thahmi “ $740.5 billion defense policy bill” cu nihin ah House ah cheu 3 cheu 2 ( 322-87 ) in override an tuah. President veto thah khawh ding ahcun two-third, cheu 3, cheu hnih, vote a hau i, Democratic lawng cun, thah khawh ding a si lo.

US President Donald Trump signs USD 8.3B bill to fight coronavirus outbreak  | DD News

Asinain Republican lei 109 nih Trump ralchanh in an vote caah, fawite in an thah khawh. Defense Bill hi kum 59 chung tluangte in party 2 lungtling zungzalmi a si tiah The Hill nih a ttial.

House nih an passed mi cu, Republican nih control mi Senate nih Override an tuah chap rih ahcun, Trump caah a zoh a chia ngaimi tuanbia in a term a dih lai tinak a si.

Donald Trump rejects Covid relief bill, calling it 'a disgrace' - Times of  India

CHRISTMAS Eve ah GOP nih an block caah, House nih an pass khawh lomi 2000 bawmhnak, Trump nih Sunday ah min a thut i, 600 te lawng maw ngah a si ko lai tiah thachiat ngaimi cu, nihin ah House nih $ 2000 hmuh dingin an passed tthan.

Asinain Senate ah zei a lawh lai hngalh a si rih lo. Senate nih an pass ve ahcun, 600 siloin, 2000 cio ngah a si te lai tinak a si hnga. Credit: Zasang Cinzah


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