Kum 2023 Thil Tlung Ding Mi BABA VANGA Bia Phuan

Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, mipi nih Baba Vanga tiah an theih taktak mi cu hi vawlei cung ah hin nung ti hlah hmanh sehlaw a rak nun lio ah hmailei thil cang ding mi kong ah bia phuan a rak neih mi tampi a tak in a tlung.

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Hmanh sehlaw khrihfa mi nang le kei nihcun kan Bible nih a chim lo bia cu kan zumh awk a si lo. Mitcaw Baba Vanga nih hin 9/11, tensions North Korea, Brexit, Barack Obama’s presidency & Princess Diana, a thih lai nak kong a rak chim.Baba Vanga nih a tang ah hin bia phuan a rak neih mi cu mirang holh i an ttial mi ka thil chih.

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Mirang-Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2023: Solar storm: Media reports claimed that according to Baba Vanga, a solar storm would strike Earth in 2023 on a scale the world has never before seen.

Bio-weapons: She also claimed that in 2023, a “big country” will carry out bioweapons research on people. The result of such research will cause the death of thousands of people.

Nuclear explosion: In 2022, the world came very close to a nuclear explosion amid escalated tensions between the West and Russia over the Ukraine war. Baba Vanga predicted a nuclear power plant explosion in 2023.

Visits from aliens: One of the scariest predictions among all is Vanga’s prophecy about aliens visit on Earth. As per the foreteller, the world could find itself “covered in darkness”. The psychic claimed that millions would die if aliens visit Earth next year.

Lab babies: As per Vanga’s predictions, humans will grow in labs in 2023. With constant breakthroughs in science, the concept of lab babies could become a reality with Vanga believing that parents will be able to decide the skin colour and characteristics of their kids.