U.S Mississippi Sianginn (University) Le A Pawngkam Ah Methal Kahnak A Chuak Ṭhan Minung 6 An Thi! U.S ram chung Sianginn (University) nganpi pakhat ah kan hnu lei meithal puahnak a um hnu ah U.S ram chung Tate peng Mississippi sianginn (University) hme teah meithal kahnak a chuak ṭhan tiah theih si.

May be an image of 3 people, road and tree

Nohawng[February]17 ah kum 52 mi pakhat nih meithal keng in hmun pathum ah minung 6 a thah hna i, amah a nupi ṭhing zong a tal tiah peng uktu bawi pakhat nih a chim.

May be an image of 9 people, people standing and outdoors

Zingka suimilam 11:00a.m hrawng ah Arkabutla zalam chawdawr pakhat pawngah meithal keng pakhat nih motor-Cycle in rami minung pahnih cu a thah hna tiah dawr ngeitu pakhat nih The Washington Post sinah phone hmangin a chim.

Caan raulo teah meithal puah thawng thei in Crum nupi ṭhing cu a umnak inn chungah a ruak in hmuh si. Midang pa 3 hi sianginn (University) kulhchung mipi lak meithal puahnak ah cang in minung 3 an thi ṭhan tiah theih si.

May be an image of 14 people, outdoors and text that says 'POLICE'

Asinain thil sual tuahtu hi minung pakhat lawng siin Richard Dale Crum kum 52 a nupi ṭhing zong thattu pa hi si tiah an langhter. Richard Dale Crum, Arkabutla Mississippi ah khuasa mi cu, minung 6 hna hnuah tlaihkhih si. Hi thilsual tuahnak ah buainak case siampiak si tiah peng uktu bawi office nih an langhter.

Nawlngeitu hna nih mithi dang panga hna hi hote ansi ti an thei kho rih hna lo? A nupi a thah mi lawng hi an theihfian khawh misi, Zei ruangah dah hi ramah mah bantuk thil hi a can ti zong an thei kho rih lo. Lungmili Post. The Washington Post

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