Air Defense Forces destroyed 29 Kh-101/Kh-555, Kalibr and Iskander-K cruise missiles out of 30 launched, as well as two Shahed drones and two reconnaissance UAVs – Zaluzhnyi

Ukrainian capital Kyiv & southern port of Odessa chu Russia ballistic & cruise missiles te chu strategic bombers tang a beih anni. Black Sea warships pawh in missile a kap chhuak nual, Russia hian May thla chhung in vawi 9 zet Missile rual a sur tirna ani ta

Western allies ten Ukraine air defense systems tha tak tak an pe tawh indo tan tirh ang ngawt kha chuan Russia missile an tuar tawh bik lo , Russia middle tha pui pui pawh an kap tla ve hmiah hmiah tawh mai. Russia hian strategic bombers — Tu-95MS & Tu-160 hmang in Caspian sea tang in cruise missiles X-101/555 type, reconnaissance UAVs ten Kyiv an kap .

Kyiv City Military Administration head Serhiy Popko chuan Kyiv airspace bitum tute kah thlak vek anni ati . Ukraine’s Air Force & Ukraine Defense Forces ten chiang tak in Russia missile 22 the Black Sea tanga kah chhuah , a dang 2 operational-tactical rocket complexes & Sahed drones 2 te kah chhuahna an hre chiang hle

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