LFA 156 ah Ṭial Thang le Jose Hernandez cu preliminary bout hmasa bikah an i phomh i, Ṭial Thang nih round 1-3 tiang a tei dih.

Round 1nak ah teng lak in Ṭial Thang nih a thongh Knockout a si rua tiah a kir tak nain referee nih puai a donghter lo caah an peh ṭhan. Caan dongh lai te ah Ṭial Thang nih Hernandez cu a tengh hnu ah a nenh i submission attempt ah a lut nain caan a dih.

Kan in lawmhpi tuk Tial ” The dragon leg” Thang. A tang ah hin Tial Cung Thang nih Hernandez fawi taktak in a tei nak Video cu a unau pa Aung La Nsang nih a rak post mi ka thil chih rak zoh ve.

Video link zohnak

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