Artic circle lei lung hausakna a tam hle , Russia leh America hian an in ti ta tu hle . 2022 August khan America in Artic circle lama American interests& cooperation tha zawk Allies te nen neih a rawt

Arctic nations 8 te an hui khawm. North Atlantic Alliance [NATO] military Alliance’s chief Jens Stoltenberg an Arctic archipelago lamah Russia sipaite an awm ang bawk in hun ve a duh , ‘offshore oil & gas reserves’ Artic circle ah a tam hle . Russia in

world’s first “combat icebreaker” dah in an sipaite khaw vawt hnuaiah warfare neih dan an zirtir.Russia’s Foreign Ministry ambassador-at-large Nikolay Korchunov chuan TASS NEWS interview ah Arctic region lamah sipai leh ralthuam hmanga in hma chhawn na duh awm lo tak a thleng thei ati.

Ukraine’s commander of the ground forces, Oleksandr Syrskyi, frontline troops Bakhmut ah a tlawh paramilitary Wagner Group chu “Wagenerivets,” tia ko in , eastern Bakhmut lama awm te chu sazu thang a tang tawh ang in a khai khin “rats into a mousetrap.”

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol an Seoul ah Ukraine First Lady Olena Zelenska lo mikhual in Ukraine puih nan ‘non-lethal military supplies’ ,- ambulance vehicles, mines then faina te pek a tiam.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby chuan Russia in , Iran hnen tang in 400 drones an lei bakah , advanced attack drones dang lei belh an tum ati (intelligence community).

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