Rasia Jet Vanlawng Le American Drone An I Pahh Lio Nak Video

Russia jet vanlawng le American drone an i pahh. Vawleicung ramkip nih hman mi rili cung ah Russia jet vanlawng le American drone an I suk ruang ah American drone cu cawn nihnihni ah khan rili cung ah a tla mah ruang ah hin American nih fak ngaiin lehrulhnak ka tuah lai tiah a chim theih a si.

May be an image of airplane and outdoors

“Mah thil a can dan hi fiang deuh in hlethlai kan I zuam lio , asinain Russia pilot cawlcangh danhi tihnung mi le fimkhur lo thil tuah a si , an thiltuahmi zoh ah hin a theih ko tiah american lei in chimnak nawl ngeitu General Pat Ryder nih March 14 ah khan a chim.

Russia pilot fimkhur lo ruang ah American ngeihmi MQ – 9 cu rili chung ah a tlak , a tu tiang kan pehtlai kho than ti lo tiah Officcer pakhat nih cun a chim ve , Mah kong he pehtlaiin American nih Russia embassador cu biaruahnak ngeih ding in an auh kong Ned Price nih cun a chim ve.

Russia ralkap cawlcangh dan hi kan dohlo bantukin Russia ram rianngeitu hna le American ram hna cu hmaiton biaruahnak ngei ding in an tawlrel lio a si kong zong Ned Price nih cun a chim.. Russia ram he pehtlaiin rianngeitu Embassador Lynne tracy zong nih American nih Russia sin a chim mi bia pawl cu a kuat ve colh hna theih a si.

Russia venhimnak Minister nih cun American drone cu a si khawh chung in a hrial ko nain an I pah sual mi tu a si tiah Nihnihni ah khan a chim ve theih a si , American nih sualphawtnak a tuahmi cung ah Russia nih pahsual mi si tiah bialehnak a tuah theih a si.LCBN

Video link zohnak

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