Rasia Hriamnam Neih Mi Tlawm Tuk Cang Timi Paoh Nih Hi Video Rak Zoh Uh

TU IN NGE RUSSIA RALTHUAM NEI TLEM TAWH TI KHA video hi en mai raw. Hei en rawh lemzzz Russia Television channel Telegram lamah

Russian Minister Of Defense Sergey Shoigu an, Military Production Facilities,Chelyabinsk And Kirov Regions a tlawh na hi (ralthuam chu an nei tlem hle mai maw)

President Vladimir Putin an Tactical Nuclear weapons Belarus hun a tum chu Poland in Belarus warning in Western sanctions an tawng mai thei.

Germany in Ukraine 12 billion euros ($12.9 billion) military aid tur committee approved turin dah.🇷🇺RIA Novosti news agency report dan in Ukraine hman United States-supplied ground-launched small-diameter bomb (GLSDB) kap tla.

Video link zohnak

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