Indianapolis, Indiana, USA khuasa cuahmah mi Pu Chan Peng le Pi Merry Cinpi hna i an fanu Lalruatmawi (Cin Tung) cu a sianginn kai nak ah an mah USA minung hmanh nih an ngah khawh lo mi Congress of Future Medical Award of Excellence, Doctor cawng kho ding in min thatnak a kan hmuh piak.

May be an image of text that says 'Eertificate of Selection for Award LET BE KNOWN THAT Ms. Cin Tung WAS SELECTED FOR THE CONGRESS OF FUTURE MEDICAL LEADERS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE For outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential and determination to serve humanity in the field of medicine. This judgment being rendered with reference to the selection of Mario Capecchi, Ph.D. executed in Boston, Massachusetts Mp Mario Capecchi, Ph.D. Science Director 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiolog or Medicine ဖ .....ef February 17, 2023'

Hi a hmuh mi a Award cu anmah US minung hmanh nih fawi tei an hmuh khawh lo mi a si. Cu tluk hmuh har mi Award bak Laitlang khuate mi nih vun hmuh khawh cu lomhpi phu bak asi. Lalruatmawi (Cin Tung) a nung kan biak kan Pathian nih hlawhtlinnak sang chinchin inpe ko seh.

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Global Ralpel Secretary Denis nih a tanglei bantuk hin lomhpi nak bia a chim. Lawmpuina: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA a awm mek Pu Chhan Penga leh Pi Merry Cinpi te fanu Lalruatmawii (Cin Tung) chuan a zirnaah hlawntlingin, School ah zirlai lehkha thiam thei bik te chauh in an dawn thin Congress of Future Medical Award of Excellence, Doctor zir tura sawmna a dawng nawlh mai.

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He tiang ang zirna lamah thiam thei tak mi, USA pawhin mibika an ngaih Ralpel khuain kan nei hi kan chhuang hle a, thinlung takin kan lawmpui a ni. A zir leh zel na turah Pathian in awmpui in malsawm zel rawhse.

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