July 31, nihin ah SAC nih National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) meeting an tuah i State Emergency caan thla 6 an sauh than tiah theih a si.

SAC nih an thanh ning ah tutan thla 6 an sauh chap mi hi 2008 phunghrampi poh-mah 425 cherhchan in kan sauh ti a si.Nihin NSDC meeting ah caansau ngai a lang ti lo mi Pu Henry Van Thio zong aa tel ve.

Ralhrang nih ကာလုံ meeting a auh tthan i, ram a daih lo caah kawlram kan thlaihhrem rih lai tiah thlaruk chung kan uk rih lai tiah anmah tein an i chap rih,tutan cu, NLD Vice president a rak simi Henry Van Thio zong a vai kai kho ve. Kum zeizat chung dek aah le mah an i chap lengmang rih lai.

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