Central Lairam, Lawngtlai 2023 Pur 13: Nihin ah Pu Lalchhandama Ralte, Hon’ble Minister, School Education, etc. le LADC hruaitu hna cu LADC CEM’s Conference Hall-ah meeting an ngei.

Hi Meeting hi Pu C.Rongura Executive Member i/c LAD, tu lio CEM Charge la liomi nih hruai in, Education Minister nih LADC a rak tlawnmi cungah lunglawmhbia a chim i, Minister sinah LADC herhhai chuahpi a si.

Pu Lalchhandama Ralte nih an rak tawlrel lengmang mi Provincialised Middle School 18, LADC kut ah pek mi cu, Mizoram cozah zong a lungtling, cun Service hi chawva he aa pehtlai caah, LADC hruaitu hna nih Provincialised School 18 tangah cawnpiaktu um ning le aa pehtlai mi thil herh (Terms & Conditions) timhtuahmi a rannak in Mizoram cozah sinah chuahpi siseh, a herh ning in rianrang in tuanvo lak siseh tiah a chim.

Hi meeting ahhin Provicialised School 18 ah rianțuantu hna cu LADC ah luh an duh le duh lo (willingness) hal lio an si kong, DEO lei in report a si.

Hi Meeting ahhin, LADC Chairman, Executive Members, Official biapi hna le MSTA hruaitu hna le LSA hruaitu hna le sawmmi hna zeimaw an i tel. The Lairam Times

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