SAC Vanlawng nih Thantlang CNA / CDF Pawl Voi 40 Hrawng a Kah Hna. Nihin February 16, ni khat chung lawnglawng ah hin Thantlang khua ah a ummi CDF le CNA ralkap pawl cu SAC ralhrang nih Fighter Jet le Helicoter in voi 40 hrawng an kah hna, tiah thawngpang kan theih.


May be an image of airplane and outdoors

February 8 zaan ah CDF le CNA nih Thantlang khuachung i SAC ralhrang palik sakhaan le penguk zung an lak hnu in SAC ralhrang nih vanlawng kahdohnak fak chinchin in a tuah.

Asinain, nihin ni tluk in hin ahlan ah ni khat chung te ah mah zahzah hi Chinram ah SAC ralhrang nih vanlawng kahnak a rak tuah ballo.

May be an image of airplane and outdoors

Nihin ah SAC ralhrang Fighter Jet voi tam nawn an i let i, voi 20 Thantlang cu an kah. Jet in an kah lawng si loin Helicopter zong in voi 20 hrawng hi an kah chap. Nihin SAC ralhrang nih Thantlang ah vanlawng in CNA le CDF ah kah hnanak ah aa hliammi le a thimi an um le um lo theih a si lo.

May be an image of airplane and outdoors

Thantlang khua lak ṭhan ding in atulio hi Tilim Operation timi CNA le CDF nih an tuah cuahmah lio a si i, ramchung le ramleng a ummi Laimi hna zong nih chawva le thlacamnak in bawmh cio ding in sawmnak an tuah. TNA

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