Nihnih Chung ah Chin Mi Sinin Rithaisi Crystal Meth 20 kg leng a Ritmi Mizoram Palik Nih An Tlaih! October 4, zaan suimilam 7 hrawng ah Aizawl District Special Branch(DSB) team hna nih cun Motor pakhat cu chekhlatnak an tuah i, Crystal Meth, Kg 11. 6 in a ritmi India phaisa in Sing 3400 man cu an tlaih.

Rithaisii ngeitu hi Chin ramkulh Falam peng, Khuamawi khua Ropianga (kum-37) S/O Lalthanga a si, tiah Mizoram palik nih an langhter. Bawngkawn Police station ah ND&PS Act le Foreigners Act in taza cuai a si.

October 3 zong ah khan Lengpui Airport ah Myanmar mi, Chin nu Lalremthangi(kum 38) sinin rithaisii Crystal Meth Kg 10 leng in a ritmi cu palik nih an rak tlaih cang. Nihnih chung ah Myanmar mi sin in rithaisi India phaisa sing 6500 man hrawng an tlaih. The Chin Post

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