Monywa PDF Nih CAF Battalion 4 Meithal Ralthuam Sernak Sakhan Ah Anmah Kut Tein Ralthuam An Ser!

Monywa Battalion 2 Battalion 3 hna cu, CAF Battalion 4 ralthuam sernak sakhan ah anmah kut ke tein ralthuam an ser tiah an langhter.

No photo description available.

Nohawng[February]26 ah Chindwin Attack Force (CAF) ralthuam sernak sakhan ah Monywa battalion 2 le 3 hna nih an mah kutchuak ralthuam tampi 40mm, 60mm, bomb le kut in serchommi meithal tampi anser tiah CAF nih an langhter.

May be an image of outdoors

Hi kan sermi ralthuam thilri hna hi lam hlapi kahkhawhnak dingah a kan bawmtu pakhat a si pinah tualchung mipi runvennak ding caah le SAC ralhrang kahdohnak ding caah a si tiah an langhter.

No photo description available.

Hriamnam le ralthuam sernak ding caah a pe khomi nanum ahcun CAF Support Team page ah rianrang in i tel khawh si tiah theihternak an tuah. Lungmili Post

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