Central Lairam, Lawngtlai 2023 Biangreithlep 31: Tulio Phai lei in Nga a lutmi hi, Zinan ( Kerosene) haw a nam tiah Mizoram hmun tampi ah lungtlin lo nak (complaint ) a tam ngai

Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) Directorate of Health Services nih zohchunnak caah la in Central Food Laboratory, Kolkata ah a kuat lio a si. CFS/HFW nih cun District kip ah Designated Officer le Food Safety Officers hna cu zapi eidin awk ah a that lo caah tuanvo laknak ngei dingin a ti hna.

Cucaah Lawngtlai District chung zong ah Phai nga zuarmi nih zapi sinah zuar lo dingin le zapi zong nih Phai nga zuarmi hna sinah caw lo dingin zapi sinah District Magistrate Lawngtlai District nih theihternak a tuah. The Lairam Times

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