Kosova Serbs buaina kal mekah NATO sipaite tirh belhna turah Ministry of Defense of Turkey , chuan Turkey Commando Battalion te an tir ang. Joint Force Command of NATO ,Naples te ngenna ang in Turkish Ministry of Defense, chuan special forces ten Sultan Murat military base , Kosovo June 4 -5 ah an thleng ang an ti.

Germany paper BILD report dan in Germany in Ukraine ah BATT UMG armored vehicles chu Fuchs wheeled armored personnel carriers aiin an thawn ang. Pro Russian forces ten Moldova ram chhung an in rawlh nasat vangin

Poland chu ammunition , weapons hrang hrang lian tham tak & gear te Moldovan police thuam that nan an thawn – Mariusz KamiÅ„ski, Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland,

French AANF1 7.62x51mm machine gun chu Ukrainian Defense Forces sipaite kuta hmuh ani , hei hian a tar lan chu. French sawrkar in AANF1 7.62x51mm machine guns tha hnem tak Ukraine an pe tihna

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