IRAN General Hajizadeh Ain al-Asad Pa Biachim Cu DONALD TRUMP Caah Ttihnung Tak Tak A Si

Iran General Hajizadeh Ain al-Asad nih American ralkap tampi thah kan i tim lo, Donald Trum, Mike Pompeo le McKenzie hna hi thah kan timh deuh mi an si tiah a chim.

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Iran General Hajizadeh Ain al-Asad nih a chim tthan rihmi cu Allah hnatlaknak in a tlamtling hrim hrim lai tiah a chim chap fawn. Iran General pa nih hi bantuk bia a chimnak a ruang bik cu President arak ttuan lio Jan 3 Iraq airport ah IRGC Commander Soleimani a rak thah mi ruang ah khan asi.

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General Hajizadeh, IRGC Aerospace Force’s commander nihcun IRGC hna nih hypersonic missile 13 Mach rang taktak in a zuang kho mi kan nei tiah a chim.

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Iran General Hajizadeh Ain al-Asad nih a chim mi cu, Compared to the Europeans, our missiles can only travel a maximum distance of 2000 km. With God’s help, these missiles will deter our enemies.

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