ANI nih a langhter nak ahcun nizan april ni 20 ah khan Indian Army 5 hna nih an i cit mi motor cu mizei ti theih lo hriamtlai phu nih an kah hna i an panga ning in an thi tiah a langhter.

May be an image of 9 people and text that says 'ANI'

Hi thil a cang nak hmun cu Bhata Dhurian, Poonch in meng 90 tluk hrawng ai nak hmun ah a cang mi asi. Indian Army panga an thi i zeimaw zah hliam hma an pu tiah theih asi.

Hliam hma pu mi pawl cu Army Hospital, Rajauri leiah zohkhenhnak pek cuahmah an si. Indian Army minung 5 a thi mi hna cu Rashtriya Rifles Unit, Counter Terrorist operations nei ding in a kal mi hna an si tiah theih an si.

May be an image of 9 people and text that says 'ANI'

An motor i cit mi ah hin Fuel le lubricant an phurh chih ruangah phalh mih khawh lo in ciam dihlak in a kang.

Today, at about 1500 hours, one vehicle of Indian army, while moving from Bhimber Gali to Sangiot in district Poonch (J&K), caught fire. In this tragic incident five soldiers of the Indian Army have lost their lives,” Public Relations Officer (Defence), Jammu had said.

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