Benjamin Sum Cu Aadhar Card le Bike Registration Kongkau Ah Fak Ngai In Social Media Ah Soisel A Tong! Myanmar Idol in Myanmar mizapi theihhngalh mi hlasakthiam Benjamin Sum cu India ramchung ummi hna chinchiahnak Aadhar card kongkau ah le amah min in motorcycle registration tuahnak kongkau ah fak ngai in Mizoram chung social media ah soisel a tong.

May be an image of 1 person and ticket stub

Benjamin Sum hi ralzam dirhmun in Aizawl ah aa dor mi a si lio ah Motorcycle registration hal ding hin India ramchungmi hna chinchiahnak Aadhar card a ngeih ruangah cheukhat nih cun ‘a dik lo ning in an pek’ tiah an soisel.

Hi kong he pehtlai in Aizawl District Transport Officer nih cun, Benjamin Sum nih hin Aizawl District Transport Office ah Aadhar Card hmang in motorcycle registration tuah a hal ko, tiah fehternak he a chim i, Vaivakawn sang Local Council nih garrage zong a ngeih ko ti langhternak ca an pek, tiah a chim.

May be an image of ticket stub and text that says 'FORM-20 (See rule-47) rule- APPLICATIONFORREGISTRATIONO Ûhe Aizawl Mizoram. Full Name EHCLE Son/Wife/Daughterof llugo produced Temporary registered Registered owner. Seuenth Photo copy person purchased( Evidence CMV Rules 1989. from whom the vehicle was the Certificate road worthiness issued vehicle, imported vehicle enclose proof design No. locally manufactured the of approval. whetherwith without gear WG/WOG. Type Body Ex-army Vehicle Imported Vehicle and Year manufactured M/Cacle Wilh Greas Royal Eafiele Horse power Cubic Capacity classification 1Cone) 19.85hp 346CC known wheel base Chassis Pencil Print EngineNumber pasted here (Comulsary) 2CTWO2 CNG PETROL DIESEL ELECTRIC and number any) wings and front end Pin Green'

Hi kong he pehtlai in Aizawl pengukbawi nih Aadhar card cu hmunkip ah peknak a um caah a petu kan theihpi dih hna lo i, Voter’s ID belte cu Benjamin Sum min in kan pe lo, tiah a chim.

Aizawl DC nih cun Documents an pekmi vialte cu felfai deuh in kan zoh ṭhan lai, tiah Zonet media sin ah a chim. Hi bantuk in social media i ceihphai a tonnak kong ah Benjamin sum nih cun chimfianhnak a ngei rih lo.

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