Khawvel a ram ropui intergovernmental political forums, G7 or Group of Seven ten Hiroshima, Japan ah in hmuh khawm an tan ta . Heta boruak lian ber tur chiang sa chu Russia-Ukraine tensions, President Joe Biden pawh in America lama sawrkar lei ba tam takah Republicans te nen an in rem hleih theih lo na chung in Hiroshima a thleng.

G7 member states of France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, &Canada, European Union (EU)+ India + Ukraine hotute an tel dawn, heng ho ram te hian freedom, democracy & human rights an ngai pawimawh – macro economy, currency, trade, & energy, te an khel ang .

G7 summit hmasa ber November 1975 ah then-French President Giscard d’Estating ho in Chateau de Rambouillet ah an neih hun lai leh tun tum a an thu rel a dang tawh hle.G-7 ram te hian economy etc chauh ni lo in South China Sea , Taiwan Strait, EU, Australia, Brazil, Comoros (African Union chair), the Cook Islands (Pacific Islands Forum chair), Indonesia (ASEAN chair), South Korea, Vietnam,UN, IMF, World Bank, WHO & WTO hotute nen an sawi ho ang.

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