CNDF Ralkap Pahnih Nih Ram Le Miphun Caah Nunnak An Pek Timi Theih Cu Lung A Fak Tuk Ee

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Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) Ralkap 2 Nih Ram Le Miphun Ca Ah Nunnak An Pek. Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) ralkap Salai Zarni Aung le Salai David cu ralram hmun pakhat ah SAC ralkap nih an tlaih hna hnu ah an thah hna tiah theih a si.

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Relchap- Matupi – Mindat Lampi Hman Rih Lo Ding In CDF-Matupi Nih Cathanh A Chuah. 2023 February ni 15 thawk in Chin ramkulh Matupi hmunram chung ah fak ngaiin kahdohnak a chuah caah Matupi le Mindat kar lampi hman rih lo ding in CDF-Matupi nih cathanh a chuah.

SAC ralkap hna cu Thaeboi sakhan in Matupi luh ding ah Matupi-Paletwa lam an zulh caah Matupi-Paletwa lam le Matupi-Boiral lampi cu mipi hna nih zulh rih lo ding in le CDF-Matupi nawlpeknak tel loin hman lo ding tiah CDF-Matupi nih cathanh a chuah.

Cun, March ni 13 ah SAC ralkap leilawng 80 cu Pakokku in Chinram lei an rat caah Matupi-Mindat lampi cu mizapi nih hman rih lo ding in Chinland Defence Force – Matupi nih March ni 15 ah cathanh a chuah.The Chin Post

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