1. CNF nih a ngeih mi policy Chin nation building timi le, ram pakhat nih one army in a kal lai ti mi hi 100% in ka pawm.

2021 Revolution Tweets в Twitter: „In Camp Victoria, Thantlang Tsp, Chin National Army celebrated the 34th Chin Revolution Day. In the war against Myanmar's junta, CNA is the first ethnic armed org

2. CNF i kan hruaitu hna, Zing Cung, Lian Hmung Sakhong, Thla Hei, Ram Kulh Cung. Hi kan hruaitu hna i an experience le quality a ngei taktak mi an si i, din felnak lei zong ah zumhawk tlak le bochan awk tlak an si.

3. CNA/F ah hin Chin ai timi miphun tengnge 53 kan tling dih. Cu ruang ah Chin aiawh ti khawh ding mi hriamtlai organisation pakhat ah cohlan khawh a si.

Chin World Media on Twitter: "Graduation Ceremony of Batch (45): Basic Military Training of Chin National Army was held at a CNF/CNA camp in Chinland. Photo - Chinland Information Center #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar https://t.co/ZIhUUMJx8S" /

4. kum 34 chung Chin mi nih thazaang kan rak pe hna lo nain, lungdong lo le lungsau te in tuni tiang an dir khawh mihi zumawk tlak an si.

Part 2nak ah cun, zeiruang ah dah CNA/F nih refrom an tuah a herh cang i, zei tindah refrom an tuah awk si lai ti mi ka rak tial lai.

Myanmar's Chin National Army seeks asylum in Mizoram for family members - EastMojo

Hi ka tial mi hi pumpak chung ah a hnetchant mi si i, keimah pumpak nih Chin mi society ka hmuh ning le Chin ram Politics ka hmuh ning si lai. Cung Chinzaathang

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