Thank you to these wonderful sponsors and their generousity, the idea for “We Are The World” project was birthed and released.

May be an image of 2 people, indoor and text that says 'DIAMOND DIM SPONSORS Family Fresh Sushi CHINTIRE PEOPLE'S 22HD AWARD'

“We Are The World” by Chinlung Chuak Artist cu hna 1 million leng sinah a lut cang. Vawlei cung nih kan miphun kong le kan ram kong an theih. Mah vialte hi Pathian thawngin asi.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'DIAMOND SPONSORS YOUR TRUSTED MORTGAGE EXPERT silole s financet uah na inn-Ref duh ahcun kan bawmh hna SALAI CEU THAWNG (LEE) MORTGAGE 317.341.1856 laiceuthawng. com HALLMARK PROUDLY SERVING THE BURMESE COMMUNITY CHINTUBE 20PEOPLE'S 22C'

Cun Pathian nih thluahchuah a pekmi hna 2022 PCA kan sponsor thlaici an rak tuhnak thawngin asi. 2022 PCA award Aizawl tuah kan rak I timh hlan ah thla fak piin kan cam peng.

May be an image of text

“Pathian cuka hmun kan tuah nak thawng in theitlai tha tampi rak chuak hram seh kan.” Theitlai tha tampi lakah hi hla/video hi pakhat asi. 2022 PCA a rak kan sponsor tu vialte cun fundraising kan tuahnak ah a rak I thawhtu vialte nan tuhmi a theitlai asi.

May be an image of 2 people and text

Kan I lawm tuk. Bawipa nih thluahchuahnak in pe chin ko hna seh. Hmailei zongah ChinTube Team siseh Chinlung Chuak Artist Team in kan rak I zuam peng rih ko lai.

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