The Lairam Times – Dated Lawngtlai 2024 Nohawng 01 : East Lairam, Chinlung ah Chinland Council a voi hnihnak meeting cu 2024 Tangkhawng 30-31 ah an tuah. Hi meeting ah hin minung 100 an kai kho i, Chinram cozah zong an ser khawh cang.

Hi meeting ah hin Chinland Council Minister hna zong tlamtling te’n thim an si. Chinland Council Minister hna cu

1. Chief Minister – Pu Pa Thang

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister – Dr Sui Khar

3. Ministry of Defense Minister – Pu Thawng Za Lian

4. Ministry of Home Affairs Minister – Pu Robin

5. Ministry of Planning and Finance Minister – Pu Sein Aung

6. Ministry of Education Minister – Salai Cross Thang

7. Ministry of Health and Sports Minister – Dr Sharon Par

8. Ministry of Humanitarian and Reconstruction Minister – Salai Manna Kee

9. Ministry of Commerce Minister – Salai Joseph Lalramlawma

10. Ministry of Women Youth and Children Affairs Minister – Pi Ni Sui Lian

11. Ministry of Communications , Information and
Technology Minister – Pu Mang Uk Khai

12. Ministry of Electricity and Energy Minister – Pu Thang Kam Lian

13. Ministry of Immigration and Population Minister – Pu Maung Oo

14. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Minister – Pu Hmun Rung Lian

15. Ministry of Construction – Salai Za Thawng

16. Chinland Attorney General – Dr Tial Hnin

17. Chinland Chief Justice – Pu Thomas Thang Nou

18. Chinland Judge – Pu Mana Sheing

19. Chinland Judge – Pu Thang Yen

20. Auditor General – Pu Chan Ham, hna an si.

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