Tualchung Mipi Nih CDF-Kanpetlet Sin Ah Sia 60 Leng An Pekchanh. Chin ramkulh, Kanpetlet peng tualchung mi hna nih CDF-Kanpetlet phaisa lei harnak an tonmi kong he pehtlai in rulhnak ding caah tiin Sia 60 leng an an pekchanh hnanak kong CDF-Kanpetlet nih cathanh an chuah.

May be an image of 11 people, people standing and outdoors

Kanpetlet peng zatlang uktu phu hna nih Kanpetlet peng um khuate lei ah i chok in harnak an tonmi kong ah chimfiannak le zuamcawhnak an tuahmi cu mipi nih cohlan in phaisa le zohthla ngai in an i zuatmi Sia hna cu an pekchanh, caan rau lo ah Sia 60 leng an kan pekchanh tiah an cathanh ah an langhter.

May be an image of nature

Hmundang le a hlatnak um mipi hna nih dohthlennak ah hlawhtlinnak kan hmuh tiang ṭanpi ding in le Kanpalet peng zatlang uktu phu, runvennak a tuahtu phu le mipi hna cu hmunkhat ah ṭangṭi in dirkamh ding ah le pekchanh a duhmi mipi nih Kanpetlet peng zatlang uktu phu sin ah le

CDF Withdraws From Its Kanpetlet Headquarters | Burma News International

Chin Defence Force -Kanpetlet page ah pehtlaihnak tuahkhawh kan si tiin February 17 ah Chin Defence Force -Kanpetlet nih thawngthanhnak an tuah.TCP

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