Ralrin Thawngthanhnak. 9 March 2023 ah Kalay peng in Chin ramkulh lei ah State Administration Council (SAC) ralhrang hna cu Chin miphun kan cihmih ding ah an rak kai.

May be an image of text that says 'SECURITY ALERT'

Chinland Defense Force – Hakha nih mizapi humhimnak caah ral lei a herh mi timhtuahnak kan ngeih caah 15 March 2023 thokin Hakha Peng, Hniarlawn thar lei in ahohmanh luhchuah, khualtawn ti lo hrimhrim ding in thawng kan in thanh hna.

May be an image of text that says 'SECURITY ALERT'

Hakha in Falam lam lei lakhruak herh bau in khual a tlawng mi nan um ah ralringte in le CDF theihternak tuah hmasa in umkal ding ah thawng kan in thanh fawn hna. Chinland Defense Force – Hakha

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