Arakan Army(AA) he pehtlaihnak an ngei ti ruangah phungning lo in a ummi phu he pehtlaihnak upadi section 17(1) in taza cuaimi minung 61 cu an sualnak kan ngaihthiam hna i kan thlah cang hna, tiah SAC nih August 2 ah an thanh.

Sittwe khuapi in minung 12, Thantwe in 16, Kyaukphyu in 10, Buthitaung in 9, Ann in 5, Maungtaw in 4, Kyaukdaw in 2, an dihlak minung 61 nih luatnak an hmuh, tiah theih a si.

AA he pehtlaihnak an ngei tiin SAC nih an tlaihmi hna tampi an um rih. Hi hna zong hi an chuah dih hna ding a si. An thlahmi hna nakin an tlaih ti hna lo ding tu hi a biapi deuh, tiah Pyituh Hluttaw palai hlun Phe Than nih RFA ah a chim.

Phungning lo in a ummi phu hna he pehtlaihnak an ngei ti ruangah taza cuaimi le thong tlami minung 100 leng an um rih, tiah theih a si.

SAC nih August 1 ah thongtla minung 7,749 cu luatnak a pek hna i cu chungah ramdang mi 125, tlangcung hriamtlai phu(EAO) chungtel 22 le EAO he pehtlaihnak a ngeimi 71 zong an i tel, tiah theih a si. The Chin Post

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