The Chin Post: A luancia kum tlawmpal in Mizoram ah a ṭhangcho ngai mi Mizo Film industry zong kum khat hnu kum khat a vun ṭhang chin lengmeng. Tuzan 29 September 2023 ah Aizawl khuapi Vanapa hall ah “Entertainment Society of Mizoram” tawlrelnak in Mizo Film Award Winner laksawng peknak caan an hmang.

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Hi laksawng peknak caan ah hin categories 12 ah winner laksawng pek an si. Atutan Film Award hi a voihnihnak a lawng a si nain Mizo Movies tampi a chuah cang caah nominee zong an tam. Laksawng a cotu hna cu a tanglei bantuk hin a si.

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Mizo Film Award 2023 Winner
Best Screenwriter – B Labiakvela
Best Cenematographer – Mapuia Chawngthu – Mimi
Best supporting Actor – Tommy Rosangliana
Best supporting Actress – Ruthy Chenkual
Best short Film – Eleison Zahngai Rawh!
Best Series – Pa Hausa
Best Ost – Lalpa a ṭha (Lalduhsaki)
Best Director – Drew Pachuau – Pa Hausa
People Choice Award – Pa Hausa
Best Film Award – Amawii
Best Actor – Papuia Pachuau
Best Actress – Siami Chawngthu (Lalpa a ṭha)

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