Dr. Tluang Cung Thang Thihnak Kong Ah Dr.Sasa Nih A Ngaihnak Chiatnak Le Upat Peknak A Tanglei Bantuk In A Langhter

Dr. Tluang Cung Thang A Mah Tein Hri In Ai Awk Tihmi Hi Cu Zumh Awk A Har Ko. Keimah ka chuahkehnak Chin state Falam siizung ah Siizung uktu a tuan liomi Dr Tluang Cung Thang (kum 41) a thi tiah ka vun theih cu khuachung a ummi mipi hna he tluk ten ka ngaih a chia. Hri awk in a thi mi poh mah le mah i thah ai that ti in chiah khawh an si lo. Raldang hna ahcun ningcang tein thah a tongmi pohpoh.

A thattu hna hngalh khawh lo dingin mah le mah ai that timi pungsan in hri an chiah tawn. Cubantuk mi an va thah ko mi anmah le anmah ai that tibantuk in tuahnak a tampi. Media rian a tuanmi hna zong nih Media nan tial nan taar tik ah

Nan theihmi via lawng kha tial ko uh. Nanmah nih nan theih lomi nan ruahnak in tial hlah u. A hleikhun in Dr. Tluang Cung Thang a si can ning kong ah thil a si kho mi a um len caah a kong a dihlak theih tung lo cun ruahnak men in mah le mah ai that tiah bia donghter lo ding hi a biapi ngaingai.

Hri in ai awk ti lawng si loin adang mah le mah ai that ti pungsan phunphun chim len hmanh hna seh. Minung nunnak a chanhtu Dr. Tluang Cung Thang hi amah nunnak amah tein ai that timi hi cu keimah caah cun ka theithiam kho hrim lo. Catialtu : Steven R. Sunthang.

Dr.Sasa’s Condolences on the Passing of Dr Tluang Cung Thang Chin state, Myanmar. I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Tluang Cung Thang. In these very difficult times, all our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and loved ones who are left behind. May God Almighty comfort all those who mourn, and give them His Heavenly Peace.

Dr Tluang Cung Thang was a peace -loving man, humble and inspiring, a Chin medical doctor who saved so many of our beloved people’s lives. It is such a great loss for our people and motherland.

The passing of Dr Tluang Cung Thang shows us all the huge pressure, stress and depression that had been heaped on him by these genocidal military leaders. This intense pressure resulted tragically in him taking his own life.

This is sadly what is happening across Myanmar – the doctors and nurses are under such incredible pressure saving the lives of our people and putting their own lives at risk, while the genocidal military are using disease, starvation, and terrorism as weapons. The suffering of our people has been too much for far too long.

The passing of our wonderful physician Dr Tluang Cung Thang also shows us once again the true colors of darkness working under the cruel boots of the genocidal military terrorists in Myanmar. Like Dr Tluang Cung Thang, thousands of our people are giving their lives for our freedom and federal democracy.

Though he has left us here, we will fulfil his dream of a Federal Democratic Chinland and Myanmar for ALL the people of Myanmar regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, or background. We will end this brutal genocidal military dictatorship once and for all. We will not rest until we bring the terrorist military to justice.

We will build the Chinland that Dr Tluang Cung Thang served and loved so much into a federal democratic, free, peaceful, and prosperous Chinland, where self-determinations, equality, and human rights overflow. We will meet him again in the better place.

The people of Chinland and Myanmar are winning:

The brutal genocidal military generals are losing.

May God Bless Chinland

May God Bless Myanmar


Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation

Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar

Former Myanmar special envoys to the United Nations